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Technical features??

  ! New technology of two colorimetric flow cells,

    maximum speed 360 test per hour

  ! Stochastic work mode, can set emergency sample

    for priority test

  ! Normal biochemical, ionic, immunity and special

    protein test items, really multi-functional

  ! Have the function of dilute automatically and pre-diluting

  ! High accurate computer controlled diluter, accuracy<0.5%

  ! Unique material technology and times settable automatic syringe cell, avert cross


  ! The internal reagent cold storage instrument can ensure the freshness and stability

    of the reagent in the machine.

  ! Consistent metal crust and shield have perfect shielding and protection function,

    preventing from the interference of electric wave from broadcasting stations or mobile


  ! Imbarked preliminarily excellent reagent test program and 64 full open program.

Performance Index?此?

  ! Working method: patients or test items selectable, emergency call is available

  ! Testing method : Terminal, wavelength, dynamics, set-time skill, non-linear

    multi-standards skill, etc..

  ! Testing parameter: 64 open program, 13 testing suits

  ! Reagent plate: 27 reagent positions with cold storage(2-8≧) and evaporation-proof cover

  ! Sample plate: 64 sample position (including 9 standards, quality-control)

  ! Reaction plate: 190 reusable cups, with automatic vibrating mixer

  ! Function of dilution: The pathologic sample can be diluted automatically to retest,

    and the preliminary dilution is settable.

  ! Sampling system: unattached double arms, sample sucking needle, reagent needle replaces

    automatically, unique cleansing structure of the sample sucking needle and the automatic

    syringe function in the colorimetric cell can avert cross contamination.

  ! Wavelength: 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 620, 700nm and an optional wavelength

  ! Resolving ratio: 0.000-3.000Abs, accuracy <1%

  ! Lamp-house : long life halogen lamp, 6v, 10w, automatically zero setting blank adjustment

  ! Sample sucking quantity: sample 3-100ul, reagent 5-300ul, accuracy <0.5%

  ! Computer system: huge capacity EPROM storage function, integrated quality-control program

    and statistical software, multi-station operation.RS232 interface duplex transmission,

    Chinese report software

  ! Screen display: 14 inches Liquid Crystal Display

  ! Printer : internal 20 tiers thermal printer, printing linkage to the printer outside

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