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  Beijing Erdos Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2002, as an enterprise with a high starting point supported by "giants", although started relatively later Teco Diagnosis Technology Co., Ltd. (USA), with a long history of R&D of diagnosis products, has developed a large number of diagnosis products technologies approved by FDA in USA; with strong economic foundation and arising beneficial results due to unique management and high technology, Erdos Cashmere Group Co., ltd. is a company that listed in the stock markets, and well-known for its cashmere products both domestically and internationally. Following the advantages from both parties, and taking full advantages of policies from Zhong Guan Cun Changping Science Park in Beijing, Beijing Erdos Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd. will become one of the new stars in medical diagnosis field.

  High standard, superior quality and high efficiency is the target we pursuit.
The tenet of our enterprise is highlighting quality, rooting honesty, caring for life and benefiting mankind.

  In the stream of knowledge-economy, Erdos-Teco will develop with the era through widely assimilating the advantages of the multitude and standardizing business operation to realize a leaping development.

  We invite people and enterprises with lofty ideals both domestically and internationally for cooperation, with an aim to reach mutual profits and joint brilliance.

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