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    1、 Erdos Cashmere Group Co.,Ltd.

    Well-known for its cashmere products both domestically
    and internationally

    It is listed in the stock markets

    Perfect market network

    Skillful marketing experience

    Advanced produce management experience

    Scientific working mode

Erdos Cashmere Group Co.,Ltd.

   2、Teco Diagnostics & Pioneer Medical

    With a long history of R&D of diagnosis products

    Professional scientific research team

    Extensive information recourses

    Advanced foreign enterprise's management experience

    Advanced foreign working notion and method

    Mutual international market

Teco Diagnostics

* Beijing Erdos-Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
* Add: No.49 Yongan Rd., Changping Science Park, Beijing, China
* Business Tel:0086-10-89715704 Fax: 0086-10-89715700
* E-mail:[email protected]  * zip code:102200
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